About Cricket's Happy Tails.....Who's Cricket?

Sixteen years ago I was on my way to work in Boston. I would drive down from Atkinson, NH and take the MBTA from the Oak Grove T-Station. This particular day, I was walking through the station and there was a little white puppy running around. Having a cat-full household at the time, I put the blinders on and hoped that someone would take care of the pup. Well, that worked until the puppy followed me down the stairs to the train tracks. She must have realized that I could not allow her to put herself in peril. I took her home that day and the journey with Cricket began.

Cricket, our little Ewok, chose her name. At the time we had a Pooh theme going having two cats, Pooh Bear and Tigger. Because we were thinking of names of Pooh characters that jumped because the pup would jump six-feet straight up when she was excited, we were at a loss since we already had Tigger and couldn’t see ourselves calling out Roo or Kanger. Cricket solved everything when we were walking one day and she ate, you guessed it, a cricket. With ears that wouldn’t quit she surely looked like someone who was not originally from this world. We lovingly called her our Bat Wing Rabbit Hound Dog, when asked what breed she was.

Because she meant so much to us, I couldn’t think of using any other name for the company. With her name at the helm, I can be sure that I will have her guidance. She will keep me on the straight and narrow and will never let me forget – “Believe in DOG and do good.”

My background.

Having had a life enriched with pets, I decided that this was the next conquest that I wanted to undertake. After wearing multiple “hats” from secretarial, technical editor, government employee to my final jobs with adults and children with special needs, I decided to go to the dogs, and the cats, and the rabbits and so forth.

With a household of six, Shadow, a 16-year-old gray cat; Baby, a 13-year-old American Foxhound; Houdini, a 12-year-old white and black cat; Dottie, a 10-year-old Spaniel/Beagle mix; and the 4-year-old twins, Holmes, a red tabby and Watson, a black and white cat, it did not seem much of a stretch to open the pet sitting business.

I also volunteer walking dogs at Salem Animal Rescue League in Salem, NH. The dogs are awesome and really enjoy time out when they can be themselves, walking around the grounds, smelling the pee-mail and getting time out of their kennel. My husband, Jack, and I have also fostered dogs that need a transition stage before they find forever homes.

How do I do what I do?

The first step in our journey together is the meet and greet. This is the time when I come and meet the pet. You are asked questions about feeding, special needs, time needed, and so forth. The main star of this visit is, of course, the pet. They are the ones that I will be serving. A meet and greet takes as long as it takes for your pet to feel comfortable in my care. I have had meet and greets take one visit or have made multiple visits to the home. Meet and greets are complimentary. I want your pet to be happy to see me and I will meet them with you there as many times as it takes. When everyone is happy is when the fun begins and I visit the home to pamper and spoil.

What pets do I take care of?

I have taken care of dogs, cats, rabbits, and even lizards. All were given the love and respect that they deserve. Medication is not a problem. With my own animals I have administered meds by pill, liquid, and IV fluids.

Crickets Happy Tails is bonded and insured.
References available upon request.

Cricket...My Inspiration

April 17, 1993 - February 15, 2010
Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge